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What to Do With a Tax Refund: 3 Ideas That’ll Practically Double Your Money If You’re a Homeowner

If this year is anything like the last, almost 7.2 million Americans will get a tax refund this spring averaging around $3,000. If you’re a homeowner getting this refund, you’re fortunate because you’ve got more creative ways to invest it for a profit. Doesn’t matter if you’re selling, staying put, Read More

Decks vs. Patios

Decks vs. Patios: Which Is More Popular? DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS | MONDAY, MARCH 07, 2016 Patios are winning. In 2014, a majority of all new homes – 56 percent – were constructed with a patio. On the other hand, 23 percent of the new homes had a deck, according Read More

Get The Lead Out!

Safe Water, Healthy Family Get the Lead Out! Moved by both the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan and increasingly stringent requirements by mortgage underwriters regarding lead levels in water, Dick Boris, broker of Boris Realtors, is spearheading an effort to make it easier and more affordable for a homeowners and homebuyers Read More

Boris Realtors Office Ranked #1 for Gull Lake Home Sales in 2015

THANK YOU! 2015 has been a great year for Boris Realtors. We are ranked as #1 in  home closings for 2015  for Gull Lake waterfront homes and also ranked as #1  in home sales for all of Gull Lake Schools and Delton-Kellogg Schools .  The main contributor to our success Read More