Get The Lead Out!


Safe Water, Healthy Family

Get the Lead Out! Moved by both the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan and increasingly stringent requirements by mortgage underwriters regarding lead levels in water, Dick Boris, broker of Boris Realtors, is spearheading an effort to make it easier and more affordable for a homeowners and homebuyers to ensure that water for a home being purchased or even if your not in the market to sell your home is safe. This also includes well water and municipal water systems.

Here at Boris Realtors we are local, we are the community… we are you!  Doing all we can to protect our families, our children, from this tragic water crisis that falls as one of our utmost priorities.  Our goal is that every client and customer of Boris Realtors who decides to purchase a home will not only be made aware of the availability of testing for lead in water, but by partnering with several local testing facilities in West Michigan.

As the real estate company that was born on the bay of Gull Lake, Boris Realtors knows the importance of water quality, and Dick Boris is proud to take this step in helping both clients and the community continue to be happy and healthy.  We will be glad to walk you thru the process of testing your system . Remember its good to get it tested whether you have a well or you are connected to a municipal water system.

Contact Boris Realtors you don’t have to be selling your home to receive this water testing information! To receive a list of local testing facilities and more information on lead in your water,  Call us at (269) 629-5612 or email us at


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